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Show Information

Once again we’re planning a cultural landmark that you’ll want to be able to be part of! So much more than ‘CPD’ Therapy Live is an immersive digital education experience by the team who have been innovating in this field for 8 years! 

Over the last 12 months we know that some of the courses intended to be delivered face to face and some of the conferences where you wait in line to be one of the three people who can ask a question have tried to adapt to the digital world. Therapy Live is run by the Physio Matters team who have been digital educators for the best part of a decade! No fluff, no death-by-powerpoint, no preaching without accountability!

Some of the topics and streams include:

– Upper Limb
– Lower Limb
– Spinal
– Advanced Practice
– Paediatrics
– Pelvic Health
– Orthopaedics
– Pain
– Health Technology
– Sports Rehab
– Public Health
– Manual Therapy
– Podiatry
– Policy Reform
– Hand Therapy
– Occupational Health

the story so far

Never before had an MSK event surpassed 10,000 registrations but in June 2020 over 22,000 of you attended Therapy Live. A few months later we brought you an elite group of Triathlon Sport speakers and athletes and sold out of 5,000 tickets for what was meant to be our ‘small show’!

Then we noticed that the online education space had become a little samey. People doubling down on their own niches and losing touch with what is most important, helping therapists to help patients. So we ran Therapy Live Pelvic Health, the first show of its kind for pelvic health specialists and MSK generalists! We sold out of 5,000 tickets for that too… even surprised us that one!

So we’re here to make history again! The world is opening up, health systems are in disarray and the public need us at our best to help them return to function. Therapy Live 2021 could not come at a better time and just think what we can do with more than just 10 weeks to prepare it.

Date & Time

Friday June 11th 2021

8:00 AM – 5:30 PM GMT

For those people who are out of the time zone or can’t attend, the recordings for the show will be available to purchase. 


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