Therapy live


What Is Therapy Live?

Therapy Live is what you get when the leading MSK CPD company gets together with the leading digital experts in healthcare. A series of high quality online events which bring the latest MSK education to you at home, free of charge!

Therapy Live blows open the doors to the echo chamber! You are guaranteed to be exposed to innovative ideas that will challenge your biases whilst also enjoying content from your favourite leading lights in the industry. Our digital platform removes all major barriers to entry for those seeking world-class MSK education:

“Therapy conferences are too often light on quality education and heavy on gadgets and gimmicks. Therapy Live is about raising MSK care standards for the betterment of patients everywhere”


Each day is jam-packed full of clinical gold and with multi-stream options, we ensure that no minute of your time is wasted!


We forever hear from folk across the world asking us to bring courses or events to their area… so we did! For everyone!

Why Attend?

Is there a reason not to?! It’s free, jam packed full of the best content ever to grace the CPD space, all in one place at one time with some of the world’s best speakers. Still need convincing?

Leading MSK Speakers

Every Therapy Live show is jam-packed full of clinical gold and with world leading experts in the Musculoskeletal space!

Multiple Streams

We have topics to suit everyone! Therapy Live is for all MSK therapists, regardless of professional background or years experience. Work with MSK patients? We have something for you.

Interactive learning

We have created a fully interactive learning experience with live polls, questions, comments, handouts and offers.

Hours of Downloadable CPD Content

Each and every talk at the Therapy Live shows will be recorded and available to purchase post show. With hours of learning to enjoy you can catch up on the speakers you missed and get your CPD points at the same time!

Ease of Access

As an online event you don’t need to traipse around conference halls trying to find what you want, not being able to see two overlapping sessions, not being able to plan your day!  

Book Your Place

Therapy Live’s popularity has proven the hunger for quality MSK education as the industry has doubled down on quantity. Our digital platform allows us to host tens of thousands more delegates than has ever been known BUT we still consistently sell out! Don’t delay, secure your place for the latest event here!

Who We Are

We are a team of MSK therapists and digital experts who combine clinical excellence and specialist user experience knowledge to deliver the best events in the industry.

Imagined by the team behind The Physio Matters Podcast, we are a collective passionate about delivering the best educational content in a new digital way that makes sense for today’s MSK audience.


Therapy Live Watching

Our Speakers and experts

We believe in strength in depth and have the leading names in MSK across the whole programme as keynotes, panellists, interviewees and moderators! Never doubt the ‘Physio Matters Little Black Book!

Never has anyone put together a selection of experts in the MSK world such as this and we’re proud to provide a platform to bring their expertise to you.

Example content

Here’s just a few examples of the gold from our previous events. Expect standards to raise even further as our team learn how to optimise the platform and inspire the best speakers to customise their work for a digital Therapy Live crowd.

Adam Meakins

Is it Frozen Shoulder?

Therapy Live, June 2020.

Jo GIbson

Cognitive Rehab of the Upper Limb

Therapy Live, June 2020.

Seth O’Neill

How Does Tendinopathy Develop?

Therapy Live, June 2020.

MEet The Speakers

Below you can find a selection of the speakers and experts that are part of the Therapy Live experience. 

Jemma Oliver

Stream: MSKR Room


John Etherington

Stream: MSKR Room


Jonathan Hearsey

Stream: MSKR Room


Mike Stewart

Stream: Core Skills


Jo Gibson

Stream: Upper LimbPosium


what people say

Therapy Live 2020 was an incredible event, trending on Twitter was one highlight! Don’t just take our word for it! We’ve been humbled by the response we’ve received from everyone, we can’t include it all but here’s a selection.


  • 25,000+ attendees 100% 100%
  • 100+ hours of content 100% 100%