Creating top quality, up to date and painstakingly researched learning materials for Musculoskeletal Therapists. Rheumatology.Physio is the only place you can find comprehensive multimedia options to suit your learning needs in all things Rheumatology and Arthritis. Covering RA to Gout and PMR to AxSpA there is something for every clinician newly qualified or highly advanced.

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As a special offer for Therapy Live, download this clinical scenarios EBook containing 14 clinical scenarios, a self assessment quiz and 2 example referral letters a great introduction to the kinds of materials you can find at Rheumatology.physio.

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On Rheumatology.physio there is something to suit your preference in all sorts of media formats

1. Free evidence based blogs

2. Audiobook

3. Ebooks

4. Hardcopy books and guides

5. Podcasts

6. Videos 

7. An in-depth 6+ hour recorded course!