REhab My Patient

Therapy Live partner Rehab My Patient have created a brilliant exercise prescription and virtual consultation resource. Click below to visit their website and start your free trial now!


Get a years single licence for only £80 (reduced from £123.40) today only. New subscribers only.

Get a years clinic licence for up to 5 practitioners for just £120 (reduced from £177.34) today only. New subscribers only.

About us

Intuitive and easy to use exercise prescription software designed by
leading physiotherapists.

Create stunning exercise plans for your patients in less than 1 minute.

More than 3500 exercises

470 advice sheets for MSK issues

Strength and conditioning module coming soon!

Easily find any exercise

Send exercise plans directly by WhatsApp or SMS

Customize exercises

Telerehab function now available

Generate Exercise plan PDF & more

Generate fully customizable exercise plan PDFs and email them to your patient, download or print them!