A Message From Therapy live

Hi everyone!

A massive thank-you to our speakers, moderators, partners and delegates for helping us to deliver Therapy Live 2021 on Friday!

Apologies to those who had technical difficulties with the platform we use to deliver the webinars, the event equivalent of Zoom went down in the middle of the night and we did what we could to make sure our provider resolved it as soon as possible.

We appreciate how frustrating it must have been if you couldn’t access some sessions having taken the day off work, so we are keen to put things right as best we can.

So we have some fantastic news.

First, within the next couple of days we will have all of Friday’s content uploaded to Physio-Matters.com with certificates and any available handouts.

EVERYONE who registered for the event will receive an email once the content is live with a code that allows you to get a week of free access to all the talks at a time that suits you. No credit card details or obligations, just like your ticket. This may take a couple of days but we’ll be as fast as we can!

If you’re one of those that purchased content then we haven’t forgotten you. Right now, if you log in, you’ll find you have access to everything on the platform! We’ve upgraded your membership to ‘Premium’ for a month so you can watch any of the content from Therapy Live 2020, Therapy Live Sport and Therapy Live Pelvic Health.

As for our members; we have greased the palm of Therapy Live veteran and all round legend Tom Jesson in order to make his critically acclaimed book ‘Sciatica – A Clinician’s Guide’ – RRP £20 – available to you for free. Again you’ll get an email with details shortly.

Thanks again for supporting Therapy Live, we couldn’t do it without you and we’re as disappointed as you for the problems with the video. We started Therapy Live because we wanted to provide as many people the best CPD that we could when the world was falling down around our ears. That mission hasn’t changed. We’re passionate that everyone benefits from a project that has such a great community feel; Friday’s issues didn’t help with that. Although the problems weren’t of our own making what we can do is keep to what our aims were so hopefully this achieves that and makes sure you continue to be part of this movement! We want Therapy Live to put education first, be community centred, grass roots and fun! Friday wasn’t as fun as planned for any of us so let’s fix that!

I’ll be giving more detail about what happened and fielding your questions tomorrow live on ‘Chewing It Over’ 12:30-1:00 for anyone that wants to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly that goes on behind the scenes! Live-streamed to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked-In and Twitch.

Thanks again for everything!

Jack Chew