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All Future Therapy Live Content
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  • Exclusive access to every session recording, handouts and slides from every show now and in the future!
  • Already more than 1,000 hours of the best MSK CPD ever recorded! Sounds like a bold claim right? We stand by it!
  • A taster of what’s available can be found here. Imagine this standard for every body part, condition and modality you want to improve on!
  • Our Therapy Live events are multi-room so it’s impossible to absorb all the content on the day. But as Therapy Live members, you will have access to all videos, handouts and references from every event!
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Therapy Live is not just FOR you it is created BY you! We’re not a faceless and nameless events company taking a guess at what you want and need to advance your skills, we are practicing and listening therapists ourselves!

  • Therapy Live is a truly grass-roots movement!
  •  YOU can request and vote on who you want to speak at our events and the topics you want them to cover!
  • We are proud to keep our finger on the pulse of MSK and Sports practice and with your help, we can build a community that will speed up the rate of change in our industry for the gains of therapists and patients everywhere!
  • Therapy Live events are FREE to attend because we want to raise standards in MSK practice. We can only do this with your support because we’re not about to sell out to promote naff gimmicks and 47 flavours of tape!
First Access to Therapy Live Tickets

Demand for our Therapy Live events has been ridiculous! Ensure you don’t miss out by getting 48 hours exclusive early access to free tickets to:

  • Therapy Live Sport (Nov)
  • Therapy Live Pelvic Health (March)
  • Therapy Live (June)
  • Therapy Live Business (September)

AND as part of our community, you will be helping us build the programme by voting on the speakers and topics you want to hear!

EXCLUSIVE Community of Practice
  • Join our interactive community platform where you can discuss and debate all things MSK with like minds! Offer your commentary on Physio Matters, Therapy Live and related content with previous speakers.
  • Private platform with no advertising, just quality discussion with the top MSK thinkers!
  •  Discuss the important topics with Therapy Live Speakers and Physio Matters Podcast guests who are our founding members!
  • Access to the in-depth research referenced in Therapy Live sessions and Physio Matters podcasts with many of the authors of key papers also members!
  • Ebooks, downloads and courses from our speaker and partner network.
  • Worth hundreds but free to you as members.
First Listen to Physio Matters network content

Once an episode of your favorite show is edited, the first place it goes is on Physio Matters Plus. Listen to Physio Matters, Massage Matters, At Your Cervix and Therapy Business Matters podcasts long before they hit your podcast players.

The Hot Takes Newsletter

There is always something interesting to muse on after the show and we’re keen to share these exclusive hot takes with our members. What hit the cutting room floor, what questions proved too tricky, what did our hosts find unpersuasive and what were the key take home messages for you to ponder.

Partner Discounts

It’s exciting to be able to work only with the leading organisations to share the products and services we use and support. Our members will have exclusive discounts to the best products in the industry and priority access to job opportunities in the best services.


Therapy Live

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Check out some of the exclusive content you can expect to receive below for an idea of what you get when you become a member for just £5 a month!

Adam Meakins

Is it Frozen Shoulder?

Therapy Live, June 2020.

Jo GIbson

Cognitive Rehab of the Upper Limb

Therapy Live, June 2020.

Seth O’Neill

How Does Tendinopathy Develop?

Therapy Live, June 2020.

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