clarity transformation

Therapy Live partner Clarity Transformation provide practical resources, financial consultancy and trusted advisor services to therapy business owners. Visit our site here.

Clarity Director Obi Hasan is financial consultant who specialises in helping therapy business owners stabilise and grow their companies in line with their goals and values.

Visit the link below to book onto the special evening event: ‘Planning and forecasting a private pelvic health service’.

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If you’d like to talk to us or discuss any of our services please call us on 03302291470 email us  or book a call via our website using the button below.

why choose clarity?

We understand how passionate you are about your business and your desire to see it grow and succeed. But we also realise the challenges business owners face along the way.

We are the experts in rescuing and growing businesses and have accumulated over 25 years’ experience working with many companies and organisations within the healthcare sector.   Our highly experienced team differentiates itself by bringing the clarity that makes all the difference to success or failure to deliver results in major change and crisis situations.