Therapy Live and Physio Matters are proud to introduce ActivForce 2, the digital dynamometer and goniometer which records your patient’s progress into its own native app!  To get your exclusive price of just £300 please visit the link below:

What Our Customers Say

““It was pretty cool to use this device as biofeedback with an amputee patient yesterday to help her gain better glute function.””.
Brett Neilson, PT, DPT


Collect and track real-time, objective data, improving efficiency, increasing client retention and driving better outcomes. A recent study demonstrates that progress data generated by Activforce 2 improves compliance, decreases cancellation rates and motivates clients to become more engaged in their treatment program.

1. Make your objective assessment actually objective

2. Give your patients accurate, ongoing feedback

3. Improve rehab compliance and efficiency

4. Between £600 and £900 cheaper than similar devices

5. Bespoke iOS and Android Apps to record measurements